Scott Rivers Ceramics Launches Website and Releases New Line of Luxury Pottery Called “The Classic White Collection”

Scott Rivers Ceramics creates uniquely one of a kind hand-crafted pottery to embellish your home so that your dwelling is as beautiful as your life. Experience the luxury of hand-thrown pottery with the new “Classic White Collection”.

Scott Rivers Ceramics is launching its brand new website on October 18, 2016. Along with the new website comes a brand new product line of luxury vases to adorn the home. The name of the new collection is “The Classic White Collection” and it features 10 vases. Each vase is a distinctly different design of beauty. Tying the collection together is the classic white crystalline glaze and 22k gold accents creating a cohesive and luxury feel.

Scott Rivers is the artist behind it all. “I am thrilled that everyone who buys one of my pieces will have a piece of art to treasure for a lifetime.”

The process that Scott goes through to make each vase is extensive. Each piece is hand-thrown and shaped on a pottery wheel. Then after drying and a preliminary bisque fire, they are glazed with a crystalline glaze and fired again with a special firing method. This specific glaze will only ever be seen on Scott Rivers Ceramics because it was created and made by Scott himself.

Before Scott created Scott Rivers Ceramics, he was a student studying to become a print maker. Then one day in a required pottery class he realized how much he loved working with clay. As he began to look around at what pottery was on the market to purchase he realized that quality craftsmanship was hard to find. So he decided he wanted to create something that was more refined and higher quality than anything out there.

He was concerned that there would not be a demand for handmade high quality ceramics. But then he nearly sold out in one night upon the opening of his first gallery show, and even those he didn’t know were eager to buy his vases.

So, Scott decided to set out to create the most high-end ceramics for those who recognize the value in buying something of quality. Scott creates timeless pieces of art that will last decades, and will be a treasured and beautiful piece of people’s homes.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than Scott had imagined. The equipment and supplies he needed to get started were expensive. Certain ingredients he needed to make his specialty glaze were not available and had to be custom made just for him. It took a countless number of tests and hours of research just to get one glaze right. Scott searched for a long time to find the best equipment and supplies that would help him to create the best product possible, and worked relentlessly to find a glaze that would work and look perfect.

The journey wasn’t easy. However, through it all, Scott is now ready to release his first line of luxury ceramics online to the public. The response to the new collection has been pure love from everyone who sees it.

To contact Scott please visit or email him at